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Corian Vanity Tops

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About Us

NANTUCKET Corian® Vanity Tops

NANTUCKET Vanity Tops™ are made of genuine DuPont Corian® solid surface materials to your exact fractional length (up to 73”), exact sink centers and faucet drillings desired. These semi-custom bathroom vanity tops are fabricated in the USA by a DuPont Certified Corian Fabricator.

Today there are over 100 Corian colors and we have expanded our offering with vanity top shipments to any residence or business in the lower 48 United States with UPS-Ground and UPS-Freight. For address information and more please see our Contact Us page.

Environmental Efforts

Think Green!

Reuse Reuse Recycle We’re making a difference by ‘Thinking Green’! Throughout our facility and in the field, we strive to find and implement new ways to reduce our impact on the environment.


Templating Process — When we drive to a jobsite for templating projects in our local area, a fuel efficient car is all we need. Our Laser Templating system does not require a van filled with tools and materials. This templating system helps reduce the use of petroleum, reduce the auto emissions, and reduce the need for templating materials such as cardboard or plywood. That is Green Templating

Fabrication Process — When fabricating your vanity top, we utilize as much of the Corian sheet as possible to minimize landfill waste. Scrap from sink cut-outs are collected by a local company to be made into cutting-boards and other items.

Sales and Office — We were the first solid surface fabricator in New England, maybe nation-wide, to utilize electronic PDF fill-able order forms and a PDF company catalog. In this digital age, we are at the forefront of reducing paper and ink cartridge use this way. Catalog updates no longer require reams of paper and countless ink cartridges for printing; Nor does it require the energy consumption to produce and transport printed catalogs.


Corrugated cardboard sheets and boxes arrive on our loading dock each week as we receive material. These cardboard sheets are cut for reuse to wrap or protect finished countertops. Additional sheets are reused for templating when unique applications prohibit use of digital laser templating system. Even, samples and other small items are often shipped out in cardboard boxes that were once shipped to our door.


A typical office can produce a considerable amount of paper waste. Although we make a concerted effort to use less paper, we do recycle that which is used each week.

NANTUCKET Vanity Tops™ is a brand name of a DuPont Certified Corian Fabricator.

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