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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through some of the frequently asked questions we have listed below. If you have any further questions and would like some assistance, you may reach us by phone or email with the contact information found at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

General Questions

What are NANTUCKET Vanity Tops made of?

Genuine DuPont Corian® solid surface material.

What is DuPont Corian?

Invented by DuPont in the mid-1960s, Corian is the original solid surface. Durable and practical, it can be used to create countertops, wall cladding, furniture, lighting and many other applications. Made from natural minerals and high-performance acrylic, Corian is non-porous, resisting stains and bacteria.

Is Corian a safe material to have in my home?

Corian solid surface is the material of choice when health and safety are paramount. Architects specify Corian for surgical rooms and other areas of medical facilities because of its hygenic qualities. Unlike granite, Corian fulfills the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Standard 51, so it is even safe for food contact AND food preparation. Corian also meets the international Greenguard standard, proving its low level of VOC (volatile organic compound) creates minimal impact to indoor air quality.

Are these vanity tops American made?

Yes! They are made in the USA and come to you straight from New England.

Are they made to the manufactures standards of quality?

NANTUCKET Vanity Tops are made by a DuPont Certified Corian Fabricator.

Color Selection

How many colors do you offer?

NANTUCKET Vanity Tops are available in 14 Corian colors. NANTUCKET-Plus Vanity Tops are available in 85 Corian colors.

Can I get a special color or alternate solid surface brand?

NANTUCKET and NANTUCKET-Plus Vanity Tops are made with DuPont Corian in a limited number of colors. If there is another Corian color you are looking for or a different brand of solid surface, please call.

How accurate are the color samples on your website?

Color sample images from any website will vary from one computer monitor to the next. Use these images as a guideline, but we recommend that you make final decisions with actual Corian color samples in hand.

Sink and Faucet Drilling

What color Corian sinks can I choose from?

NANTUCKET Vanity Tops are available with Bisque or Glacier White Corian sinks. NANTUCKET-Plus Vanity Tops are available with Bisque, Bone, Cameo White, Glacier White or Vanilla Corian sinks.

What color China undermount bowls can I choose from?

White and Bisque

Do the sinks come centered, or can I choose the exact sink location?

We fabricate your vanity top with the exact sink center you provide... For example we could center your sink 15 3/16" from the left.

Can these vanity tops be drilled to accomodate my faucet?

Refer to the instructions provided by your faucet manufacturer before selecting one of the drilling options. The vast majority of faucets sold in the industry will work with one of our five drilling options. Please contact us if you think your faucet will require special drilling.

What faucet holes diameter will be drilled?

Holes are drilled at 1¼"

Can I drill my own faucet holes?

Yes! Just order the vanity top selecting the option of NO faucet hole. For drilling instructions click here.

Dimensions and Specs

Are NANTUCKET Vanity Tops available in special lengths?... like 48 3/4" ?

Yes! We can cut your vanity top to any fraction of an inch.... a great advantage when a vanity top needs to fit between walls on left and right.

What is the longest vanity top length you will ship?

We are generally equipped to pack and ship vanity tops up to 73 inches long. If you have the need for a longer vanity top, please contact us so that we may provide an estimate for the oversized unit.

My vanity cabinet has an 18" depth. Can you make a Corian top to fit?

We offer NANTCKET Vanity Tops at 19¼".

Do the vanity tops come with 'loose' or 'coved' backsplash?

Loose backsplash.

How tall are the backsplash and side splashes?

NANTUCKET Vanity tops have 4" high back and sidesplashes standard. If your project requires a different backsplash height, please contact us for an estimate.

Are sidesplashes (aka endsplashes) included in the price?

Yes! They are included at each wall, but not at a finished end. Additonal sidesplashes can be added for a small charge.

How thick is the decorative front edging?

Edges are 1" thick.

Shipping Questions

How long does it take?

NANTUCKET Vanity Top orders are typically shipped in less than 2 weeks. Some colors in the NANTUCKET-Plus program may take additional time.

Will you ship outside of the lower 48 United States?

Customers in Alaska and Hawaii must contact us for shipping charges. International customers must make arrangements to have their carrier pick up at our facility.

What carrier is used to ship your vanity tops?

For vanity tops less than 50 inches long, UPS Ground can deliver to any residence or business in its territory. Vanity tops over 50 inches long are best shipped on a pallet using UPS Freight. UPS Freight will only deliver to a business address, such as your work place, which can accomodate their trailer trucks. Otherwise, we can ship large counters to a UPS station or alternative place you recommend.

Do vanity tops ever break during shipping?

Although damage is extremely rare with our shipping containers, we pack according to UPS guidelines to meet their requirements in case of a claim. Damage must be reported ASAP so that UPS can retrieve and examine the package within their time limits. A replacement vanity top will be made and shipped out as soon as the package is inspected by UPS and or digital images are submitted for proper verification.

What if I order the wrong size or faucet drilling or sink position etc,?

We work hard to make sure each vanity top is shipped matching your exact specs and dimensions, meeting your needs and expectations. If you have made an error upon ordering, we will work to find the best and lowest cost resolution.

Did we answer your questions?

If not, please feel free to contact us for more information. See our ContactUs page for alternatives. - Thank you!

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